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The name "Debra" is Hebrew in origin. The biblical name was made famous by the Jewish prophetess and judge that led her people to victory in a very turbulent time. The original meaning of the name is a stinging bee.

I am passionate about beautiful, intuitive design with a minimum of code to bring the site to life and draw the user into the experience. I am also extremely particular about accuracy, best practices and using the appropriate technology to achieve the desired result. With a background in design, education in business, and training in development, I am seeking an opportunity to unify function and visual appeal in a project that is exciting to look at, simple to navigate and a breeze to maintain and update.

I am a traditional designer, emphasizing usability and recognition. I strive to meet the tightest deadline with a high quality, effective product. Attention to detail is my trademark. After all, if you don’t communicate effectively, you’re only adding to the confusion.


My goal in life is simple; I want to make a difference in the lives of those around me. Whether I am implementing a solution to improve workflow, helping a coworker with a software question or lending an ear, I want to make life and work better for those whose lives I touch.

Difficult situations challenge me, and I enjoy researching and implementing solutions. My goal in work is to enrich every project with a long-term improvement.


I am skilled on both Macintosh and Windows systems. I prefer the Macintosh for design programs and Windows for business programs. Even though the computer is a great tool, it’s not the only tool. People are the best tool; collaboration and teamwork are far superior to the most advanced technology.