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The name "Debra" is Hebrew in origin. The biblical name was made famous by the Jewish prophetess and judge that led her people to victory in a very turbulent time. The original meaning of the name is a stinging bee.
For the first three weeks of a bee's life, work is confined to building the honeycomb and caring for the young.
After this internship, the bee is allowed to leave the hive to gather pollen, the principal source of food and raw material for production of honey.
Pollen converted to honey is the bee's business. Raw concepts converted to compelling digital communication is the business of design. An experienced hivekeeper knows how to produce premium honey. I know how to produce premium, accessible communication.
While we benefit from bees by their pollination and honey they collect, they can be pests at times. They are opportunistic, and will seek syrups, sugar, fruit juices, and other sweet substances within easy access when flowers are not available.
While syrups and fruit juices may be easily accessible, flowers make the best honey. I am not satisfied with an easy answer. I seek until I find the best solution, the premium nectar to produce the sweetest honey
No other creature could complete the work of this unique insect. More than 100 agricultural crops in the United States depend on bees for pollination. Beeswax and royal jelly are also harvested for their beneficial properties.
No other worker bee can do the job the way I do. My unique background brings a blend of skills and experience that cannot be rivaled.
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