User Experience Designer/Developer
Accessibility Expert
August 1999 - June 2015
California, Oregon, Washington, Maryland
Environment: Action Script, Agile, Axure, Cloud Computing, CSS, Dreamweaver, FileMaker Pro, Flash, HTML, Illustrator, Javascript, JAWS, JQuery, Joomla, MS Access, MS Excel, MS Expression Studio, MS SharePoint, MS SharePoint Designer,  MS Visual Studio, MS Word, MySQL, Open Source, Orca, Photoshop, Scenarios, Use Cases, VoiceOver, Word Press, XHTML, XML 

Soft Skills: 
Accessibility Training, Accessibility Testing, Collaboration, Communication, Content Management, Creation of raster and vector graphics, Cross Browser Development and Testing, Documentation, Ecommerce, Information Architecture, Content Architecture, Lead Role, Mobile, Organization, Presentation, Project Management, Prototyping, Requirements Gathering, Screen Design , Troubleshooting, Usability Research and Testing, User Centered Design, Web Analytics, Wireframing ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Please note that West Coast Creative, Tampa Creative, and Digital Accessibility Implementation Resources are my own companies and includes projects that were not on W2 or were not standard work week projects.​​​​​​​
Digitial Accessibiity Implementation Resources (D'air)
•  Designed and created mobile reference sites for accessibility
•  ARIA properties, states and roles reference at
•  Accessibility reference at
•  Accessibility reference at
•  Trained staff at CalPERS (State of California) on accessibility testing procedures.
•  Acted as Subject Matter Expert for accessibility testing and issues.
•  Created road map and check points for accessibility testing for web application using Section 508 standards.
•  Trained staff on identifying and reporting deficiencies.
•  Created a prototype for Coalfire to track the client and auditor experience for an auditing tool for a governance and compliance firm. This prototype was designed primarily for use on a tablet device.
•  Captured requirements using documentation, training and interviews
•  Created interactive prototype using Axure prototyping tool.
•  Worked with a team at Bioclinica to create an application to manage after-market clinical research for a pharmaceutical manufacturer. Responsible for the layout of the screens, look and feel, writing the CSS code, and applying the CSS to the ASPX files.
•  Created screens for the application using paper and Photoshop.
•  Authored CSS and Master Pages using SharePoint Designer and Visual Studio
National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST)
• Worked with National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) to establish standards for accessibility in cloud computing.
•  Researched accessibility with mobile device and made recommendations for standards for mobile applications used by employees of the federal government.
Get Well Network
•  Acted as Subject Matter Expert for Get Well Network to evaluate their software for compliance with Section 508 Accessibility Standards. Performed comprehensive evaluation of client-facing and back-end interfaces for hospital-based program that manages patient communication, education and entertainment.
•  Recommended remediations and approaches to the development team in order to improve the patient experience for those with various disabilities.
•  Worked with Collabera as Subject Matter Expert and Accessibility Champion to create an Accessibility Audit for Microsoft’s educational sites. After an initial evaluation, defined the steps necessary to provide an accurate, detailed report that listed violations, prioritized each violation, and suggested a remediation for each violation.
•  Created a database that mapped Microsoft’s Accessibility Standards to WCAG 2.0 and Section 508 guidelines.
•  Created personas, scenarios and test cases, and mapped them to the standards.
•  Trained and educated overseas team on Accessibility issues and testing practices.
•  Defined test cases based on Microsoft Accessibility Standards (MAS 2.0).
•  Presented my efforts to executives and decision-makers, recommending a blend of automatic and manual testing.
•  Collabera won the contract based on my creation, design and presentation. I led the offshore (India) team in testing efforts.
•  Developed identity, website and marketing materials for non-profit organization.
•  Created an online community with chat, blogging, forums, scholarly articles, and a donation gateway.
•  The site was used in an undergraduate course in Human Services for Cappella University. ​​​​​​​
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