I am an advocate and evangelist working from the perspective of the user. I design and evaluate sites and apps with the end user in mind - especially the users with disabilities who most need our consideration.
While the term "evangelist" has historically been used to define those who spread the gospel of Jesus Christ (think Billy Graham), anyone who is zealous  and enthusiastically advocates for the greater good is an evangelist.
I am part of an elite squad of experts who engage themselves in the work of making the digital world better and more inclusive for all users.  I explore ways that Accessibility and User Experience practices make for a delightful experience for the human at the other end of the process. This is diversity and inclusion at its finest.
I love sharing these concepts and processes with designers, developers, quality assurance, and product managers through presentations, meetings, ad-hoc calls, and scrum sessions.
I am an effective communicator at all levels and a strong leader and team member. My subject matter expertise includes user experience design, usability, gamification, information architecture, accessibility, site structures, navigation, wireframes, prototyping, scenarios, standards-compliant front-end development, and expertise with design and office software.
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