Translate user research into deliverables: Assist UX Researcher and team in synthesizing user research and apply findings to UX/design practices such as: problem statements, personas, jobs to be done, journey maps, and user stories.  
Lead ideation and rapid prototyping: From concept statements to clickable prototypes, you’ll help the team articulate and visualize ideas appropriately based for the project’s current stage.  
Contribute to product strategy: You’ll help the team prioritize design work based on the impact to product strategy.  
Present work to stakeholders: Along with your team, you’ll share project findings in a storytelling presentation format to relevant stakeholders–and field their questions–on a regular cadence. 
6+ years of experience in Product or UX Design–preferably in a consumer-facing, digital product company.  
Portfolio showcasing multiple stages of the designing thinking process–from empathizing to testing with users. Case studies in portfolio are preferred.  
Experience working in a cross-functional product team environment.  
Proficiency in common design software such as: Figma, Sketch, InVision, and Creative Suite. Additionally collaborative tools such as: Mural/Miro.  
Experience applying design thinking and UX frameworks.  
Comfort facilitating design thinking workshops, ideation exercises, and design thinking activities.  
A passion for creating product concepts. Much of our work involves ideation of new features and solutions.  
Willingness to share work-in-progress, including rudimentary sketches and wireframes.  
Ability to select an appropriate level fidelity prototype based on the project stage and needs. 
Experience with rapid prototyping.  
Self-management skills and capability to manage your project schedules and deadlines.  
Concise communication skills: Can explain decisions, designs, and project recaps succinctly and effectively.  
Strong beliefs loosely held; a willingness to change your approach when presented with new information.  
Bias toward action and willingness to fail (even celebrate failure!). 
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